Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sad sad sad

Well, I got up this morn and decided to make some Vitamuffins.

I topped half with dark chocolate mini chips, and half with chopped walnuts.

I went off to training, took 1/2 dozen with me to share. Upon arriving at said training,  my eyes fell upon the saddest sight they ever did see. 

 After  working out, I took my hurt pride on back home. When I got there, I decided to tackle this guy - 

Which I rather liked. It tasted exactly like carbonated apple cider vinegar. If your mouth can even imagine that. Now, I am ok with the pulpy floaties, however I did get something globular in one sip that felt like swallowing a baby jellyfish. 
Not cool, Kombucha. 

2 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

ewww you swallowed a baby jellyfish. Gross! jk. Sorry about the scoreboard. Booo boday for not cooperating!

laura said...

boo scoreboard! it won't stay like that for long, go team shannon!