Sunday, January 31, 2010

Crepe date!

I decided to make crepes last night. I've never made crepes before, actually, I've only ever eaten crepes once before! So this was truly an experiment.   I thought it'd be nice to make a savory dinner crepe, and then a dessert crepe.  I think it was a success!

First, I made the crepes -
That took a bit of getting used to... I killed about 4 crepes before getting the flipping technique down.

Next, I plopped it on a plate and asked Joel to fill it up.  I made the filling out of whatever I could find in the fridge, which ended up being - chicken, smoked gruyere, light cream, LF butter, garlic, and thinly sliced apple. 

Then, he just folded it over, like an omelet

And I topped it with some sauce (same as the filling)

It was very, very delicious. But too heavy for me. I ate 2, which came out to 548 calories.  But it felt like about 1,200. Just, very creamy. Joel LOVED them, and had 4!  While I enjoyed my dinner, I was looking forward to dessert :) 

So I made a up a few more crepes, I filled them with fresh berries and sliced banana (and chocochips in Joels :-) ).  Topped with powdered sugar and a squirt o' whipped cream.  

Now THIS is where it's at.  I really loved this dessert. I ate 2 of these, which came out to about 170 calories, which is more my style :-) 
I have some batter left, and will most likely make this again tonight.

4 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

ohhh how gourmet!!! That looks so awesome! and the dessert pics look like a pro did them :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man do you need to teach me how to make those dessert ones :) This just in first month of correct portions = 7 lb lose. Oh and starting tomorrow gym Mon - Fri before work :) Here is hopping I can be as good as you at this work out thing :)

CactusFreek said...

OH MY FREAKIN GOODNESS! Note to self - Never come here while hungry!

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

When are you making me some crepes?!