Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sorry Dudes, small bout of Lady Talk ahead. Just a tiny bit. I swear!

Wiley scale tells me that I am holding 5lbs of water! Between yesterday and today, my fat mass went down 5lbs (therefore lean mass, went up 5lbs)  And my weight is nearly the same.
Amazing, I tell you.  Goes to show how right I am when I say I am not 'in tune' with my body.
I have never felt like I am bloated. I always say, lady time comes and goes and I don't see the effect of it on my water retention. But right there, Wiley tells me otherwise!

IF this is true, it also means that in a few days, I may in fact be DOWN in weight. :) I am hopeful!

My main focus this week has been only eating what I deem 'necessary' food. Meaning, no little bites of something here and there, no snacks just for the sake of snacks. No adding ingredients to things that aren't essential. Just healthy, portioned out food when I am hungry, or when I feel like my body needs it.  Before I eat something, I say to myself.. "is this necessary?"  If yes, GOBBLE GOBBLE. If not... I put it down!

I feel like this is going to help me get into a much more natural way of staying within my caloric budget.  I've been eating well up to now, counting calories and all that, but it feels like such a chore, because I felt like I was clipping coupons or something. Saving up calories for something, cutting calories from somewhere else, cutting myself off from eating because I'd reached my limit.. etc.

But now, I hope to be teaching myself how to know when it needs food for fuel and when it's just out of boredom.  2010 is The Year of Balance for me, and this is my first step.

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker said...

we must be on pretty similar lady time schedules. mine started monday - when did yours? (if you don't mind sharing, of course) :)

Mandy K said...

Two-thousand-zen :D