Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Still thinking...

I've been putting more thought into what I really want out of this year. I'm thinking this will be the year of three M's.
Music, Money, and Muscles!

In no particular order, of course. I've got 12 months to improve in ALL three of those aspects of my life. More exercise, more practicing my guitar/bass, and I need to be MUCH better in the finance section of my life. I'm getting really, really sick of living paycheck to sometimes making it to the next paycheck.

I've got all the tools I need to succeed, I just need to stick to the plan. I've been pretty good so far with getting home and exercising, I brought my bass home from my parents to practice, and it's still in the case. :/ That needs to change real soon.

I'm all set up on Chai's fancy new scale too, and I'm not crazy about what it's had to say so far, but that one I'm working on. I already miss my weekly training sessions. I kind of wish I hadn't gotten them when I did. Just because it was the busiest time of the year, so I didn't get to take as much advantage of them as I think I could have. All in all, I'm better for them, and appreciate it for all they were worth. I learned a lot of new exercises, realized just how poor of shape I'm in, and how weak I've gotten. I told Bob I'll be back, and next time, I'll finish the "300 Workout".

The 300 workout, was what we did on my last session. It was more like a 100 workout, but still insanely taxing. Basically the routine ends up with
100 push ups
100 squats
100 pull-ups
100 sit-ups
and 400 rotations jumping rope (I think, it may have been 200, I sucked so bad I wasn't counting lol)

Each exercise was done in 25 rep sets, and all except the pull-ups I can do at home. Until I get a bar setup somewhere that can hold up my weight. The pull-ups were assisted, I'm not sure I can do one real one anymore, let alone 100. some slight variations per set on others, like added weights, or a medicine ball toss with the sit-ups, stuff like that. Tough workout, but it's also a great benchmark. You can time yourself and see how long it takes you to finish the whole thing. Maybe we can do a weekly challenge here. Maybe a set number of burpees for time, or a number of push-ups/squats/jump rope etc. for time. Lemme know what you guys/gals/Chai think.

I think it'd be great to get our readers more involved over here, it would help keep Chai and I motivated too. Consider this post a suggestions box of sorts, and please chime in, we want to hear from ALLLLLL of you. :)

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muddymamma said...

GO Fatty!!!
That sounds like Bob really is trying to kill you ;-)
I did a quarter mile on the treadmill last night, and I'm still standing :-0
Keep on keepin' on.....