Monday, February 8, 2010

Ew, it's Monday again!

I tried out the mini party pitas, and the green olive labneh.

First of all, look at how CUTE they are!
SO cute, I know.  Secondly, they are delicious. Softer and doughier than their larger cousins. Which I appreciate.  They felt/tasted more like a greek pita (think Gyro) and that's my favorite kind. 
The yogurt dip was unbelievable as well. I loooove green olives, so its no surprise.  This was such a good snack, and that whole plate 6 pitas, which I cut, and 3 TBS of dip equaled 170 calories. 

I also cracked open a Skyr to try. Like I said, I'd been dying to try some, ever since Andrew Zimmern featured it on his show about Iceland. 
I got this brand, because the flavors looked so heavenly.  So I tried this Acai flavor first. 
The texture was unbelievable. Even thicker than greek yogurt (if you can believe that!) 
The flavor, though... it took me a minute to get into it.  But, I had the same problem the first time I tried greek yogurt.  The bittery, sour-like flavor is much more intense with the skyr. But, it could also be the Acai flavor adding to that.  So I'll have to see when I move on to the other flavors. 
Anyway, I took one bite, and was surprised at the lack of sweetness.  I checked the ingredients, it is indeed sweetened with agave.  So I squirted an additional bit of agave in it, and enjoyed the rest. 
Once I was nearly done, I really enjoyed it.  Similar to the Kombucha, where at first it was just so different that I thought maybe it was gross, but as I continued, I rather like it! 

I am excited to try the other flavors!

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