Thursday, February 25, 2010

Orange you glad?

I just busted open a delicious looking orange for a snack, and - SADNESS. It tastes like a butt. 
Gross.  Tossed. 

I thought perhaps, to cheer myself up from that sad loss, I would share with you some pics I took with my iphone of some recent food.  I apologize for the crappy quality! 

First up, is this pizza I made a couple weeks ago - 

  This bad boy is - wheat dough, spinach, FF feta, onions, pepperoni, sauce, and LF pizza cheese. 
Do not be fooled, it was not 1/2 as delicious as it looks. I ate a corner and gave up. Perhaps I just wasn't in a pizza mood.  Sure was pretty though. 

Next up,  a dish I made just the other night - 

It is - chicken, broccoli, pasta shells, parmesan and sauce. 
This started as a clean-out-the-fridge-dish. I had to use the chicken and broccoli.  It ended up absolutely fabulous, though.  What I did was, sautée fresh garlic and onions in chicken broth and a little olive oil.  Then, I melted down 2 laughing cow cheese wedges into it. GENIUS.  It made a creamy, cheesy sauce for low calories.  I then cooked the chicken in the sauce, added the broccoli and cooked pasta. Sprinkled the whole sucker with some fresh grated parmesan, and voila!  heaven!
It tasted rich and buttery, but wasn't at all! 

For dessert,  (that same night)  I sliced up a pear, and drizzled on some ginger syrup
(made by The Ginger People, LOVE THEM)  
And it was a perfect ending. 

Yums, I do say! 

Soooooooooo, what else is new, you ask?
Nada mucho, really. 
I think I have decided, though, to start Calorie Cycling. Which, I am sure you all know what that is, but if you don't... what it is, is - eating the same (healthy!) amount of calories per week, but allotting them differently on different days.  You have  higher days,  lower days, and  medium days. 
The premise is just body confusion, which I feel may work well for my body. And the swing is pretty minimal.  I will be eating 12,300 calories per week. 
Broken down as follows - 

Mon : 1,600
Tues : 1,800
Wed : 1,600
Thurs : 2,100
Fri: 1,600
Sat : 1,900
Sun : 1,700

Having been dieting for so.damn.long. I do get a little heart attack when I see anything over 2,000 calories.  But, the recommended calories for me to maintain my (and even lose some!) weight is actually much higher. 
And I just need to keep the mindset that I am counting calories per WEEK, and not per day.  The higher days are NOT free days, I am simply eating slightly more calories, of all my same healthy foods.  
If there is anything my body needs, it's being surprised. It gets too adjusted, too fast to any change I give it. So why not give it a little change everyday? Some people truly swear by this...
so, I think, I will try it for a solid 2 or 3 weeks.  If there is no benefit, or change, I'll go back to my same calories per day like I do now. 

Has anyone tried calorie cycling? Any thoughts?

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Kacy said...

I hate when oranges taste awful. So dissapointing!

Salina Lyn said...

I had an orange situation yesterday too. My snack for the day was going to be an orange and a glass of milk. I opened the orange it was all nasty inside. Damn it! So frustrating.

Jamie (beautyandthebeef) said...

Bad fruit is the worst! This time of year stinks for fruit in the northeast!
I've never tried calorie cycling but I am thinking of giving carb cycling a try.

Tia said...

dude that pizza looks AMAZING.

100in12 said...

once again, delish foods and delish pictures! :-)

i haven't done calorie cycling but it makes sense to me. keep us posted!

ps - where do you buy your chia seeds? i totally want to try them and i am not sure where to look (in stores? online?)

Chai Latté said...

Hey lady :) I buy my chia seeds at my grocery store in the natural food section. If you can't find it, let me know, I'll ship you some!

100in12 said...

thanks! i went ahead and ordered some off of amazon...we'll see how they are!

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

i really want that pear.