Friday, February 26, 2010

Everyone knows it's Windy!

Oh boy, I am sleepy this morning!  We've been having some gross weather lately (as everyone seems to be getting!) and last night was SO freakishly windy, that the noise was distressing! I could not sleep, because it was so loud, and the poor pups were freaked out. Meanwhile, Joel snored happily away :-) 
Anyway, I took some Nyquil to help me sleep, and I think it helped, but it makes me so very groggy/snoozy in the morning.  

I just finished eating my oats, so hopefully that'll perk me up a bit! 
Yesterday was Day 1 of the Calorie Cycling, and I had to eat 2,100 calories. Let me tell you, that is hard to do when you're eating healthy!  If I weren't counting calories, I could go out to lunch and eat 2,100 in one meal!  But filling up so many calories with oats, falafel, veggies, and fruits? It's actually a challenge!  
I ended up meeting my requirements just barely, by adding a slice of cheese to my dinner sandwich, and after dinner I had a banana with a serving of chunky peanut butter :-)  That did the trick! 

Today I eat 1,600 which is a much easier number to reach!

I feel good, though. And I am trying to be super hopeful and positive about a good weigh in tomorrow morning! I'm looking for 223!  That'd be awesome! 

2 refreshing comments:

MackAttack said...

i have heard so many great things about calorie cycling. I'm so curious to see how you do! Actually, with the way things are going maybe I should try it too...

Jamie (beautyandthebeef) said...

I find some days the cals add up so quick and others not. Eating a lot of veggies definitely keeps the cals lower!