Thursday, February 18, 2010

Question of the Day - Week 5!

Hey there! Sorry I missed posting this yesterday! Busy day!

Well, here we are....

How often do you weigh yourself?

As you all know, I weigh in every morning. This week, however, since being UP in weight (it went up to 231), I have decided NOT to weigh in until my official weigh in on Saturday at the gym.
I let the scale determine my mood a little too much. When that is going down, or even staying the same... it's not necessarily a bad thing. But when it goes UP... it can be sabotaging. So, I like to stay away :-)
For the record... it did read a drop in fat mass, not a gain. So I know it's all water weight. 6lbs up is frustrating, nonetheless. We'll see what Saturday brings!

7 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

Every morning ... I wish I didn't have to but I'd rather know than be in the dark about it.

Salina Lyn said...

Once a week. Sunday mornings only. Developing a dependence on what the scale reads any more than that is just not healthy. The scale doesn't hold all the answers and it's not the most reliable measure of what I'm doing every day. I use my daily actions and feelings or lack thereof to determine my level of success and the scale either confirms or challenges it once a week. I don't give it any more power than absolutely necessary. That way, I'm in charge.

muddymamma said...

Once a week... Tuesday morning... nekkid... after i pee ;-)

I will confess to hopping on at random times.. but tues am is the only one that "counts"

BuilderAdam said...

While I'm being nuts and in Weight Loss mode...every day. I don't trust myself and I like to see if what I'm doing is paying off or if I need to kick it up.

When I'm in muscle gain mode, I don't look more than my time with Joey because I don't like watching it go up!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I use to do it everyday, but that is not good Bryan told me. So I have been doing it once a week now and I def like this method way better, does not stress me out as mush

Perfectlychic said...

Every morning before I eat breakfast but after I go to the bathroom! it's the only way I can keep on top of myself.

Melissa said...

Not every day, but probably on days I feel the thinnest! If I'm feeling particularly fat, I avoid the scale. If I'm dieting, then almost every day because I am too impatient to wait a week.