Thursday, February 4, 2010

Secret Bloggie Valentine

My secret bloggie valentine came!!

I opened up the box...

And I read the card...
It is from Lauren, at
The card was SO nice, and included a scratch ticket!  (which, was a loser, but that's ok! Because I am not sure how'd I'd cash in a PA lottery anyway! And I just love the scratching part :-) )

And then, I unloaded!  Seriously, look at all this booty!
I love LOVE love the picture frame, its my favorite thing,  I think!
But you can see there, there is a little notebook, a mug, candle, 3 nutrition bars, and some candy!
I brought the candy in to work to share, but those bars are mineallmine!

Thank you to Lauren, and thank you to Janetha for organizing this! 

3 refreshing comments:

Janetha said...

YAHOO! i cant wait to see what everyone gets. this is so fun.

Lauren said...

HAHAHAHA OMG I AM SUCH A MORON!!! I can't believe I sent you a PA Loto ticket! WOW, wasn't even thinking on this one. :)

Well, if you would have won big, I would have gladly helped you out by cashing that in for you! :)

Glad you liked everything. It was so much fun to do!

<3 to you!

MackAttack said...

oh what a great package!