Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cha Cha Cha

I wrote this whole entry last night, and sure enough, I hit PUBLISH and it all disappeared. I won't take it out on you!  But really Blogger...why you gotta do me like that?

Tuesday's dinner was a favorite,  mini bagel with laughing cow cheese & green tabasco sauce, a pineapple chobani, and 1/2 a kombucha.  It's the simple things that get me :-)

So last night, I stopped at the store to get Joel some flowers, cause he's had a stressful week at work. 
With the flowers, I figured I'd make him one of his favorite dinners - enchiladas (cha cha cha!) I don't know why, I can't say the word enchiladas without singing cha cha cha! after it. I apologize.
Well, I can't eat the same enchiladas (cha cha cha!) that he eats, so I made a healthier one for me and it came out leagues tastier, too! (in my humble opinion). 

Without further ado, the ingredients : 

Whole wheat tortilla's (1 = 74 calories)
 Spinach y carmelized onions (1/4 cup spinach, 1/4 cup onions = 26 calories)

Jalapeno slices (1/8 of a cup = 4 calories)

The store was plum out of green enchilada sauce, so I used this sucker instead.  Salsa verde (2/3 of a cup = 53 calories)


Broccoli slaw (1/2 cup = 16 calories)

Tomato (1/2 tomato = 18 calories) (Corgi love is calorie free)

Low Fat shredded cheese (1/2 cup = 98 calories)

Cilantro (as much as humanly possible = nearly no calories)

Also included was refried beans which I forgot to take a picture of,  those were 1/4 cup for 59 calories. 
When plating, I added sour cream, which was 2 tablespoons for 60 calories.

Next, Assembly!

And then, we COOK.

Next step is to DEVOUR. (It's best to make actual scarfing noises. Enhances the experience. 

Delicious, as always... and the grand total for one giant enchilada (cha cha cha!) is : 408 calories
Normally, I'd make it cheeseless, which of course takes away a good chunk of the calories, but I had a lot of calories left to eat for the day, so I beefed it up a bit :-)

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Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

the bagel looks delicious. scrumptous, i say.