Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Question of the Day - Week 7!

What are your favorite healthier substitutions for not-as-healthy foods?

I like to use Laughing Cow cheese in lieu cream cheese on bagels/toast/sammiches
Tzaziki in place of a creamy dressing on salads.
Greek yogurt for sour cream.
PB2 for Peanut Butter.
Kombucha for soda.

6 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

- Cauliflower makes a great mashed potato substitute.
- Black soy beans rather than higher carb beans for chili.
- Lettuce wraps rather than bread for sandwiches
- Jicama rather than potatoes for fries
- spaghetti squash rather than pasta
- Dreamfields pasta rather than high carb pasta

muddymamma said...

I need to get me some PB2!
Otherwise pretty much the same as yours.
And I eat off a little bitty plate :-)

Rebecca said...

Gosh, I never used to be very good at this and am just beginning to find healthier substitions so just a few..

- spaghetti squash for sure, and I just started that this year!
- apple sauce in lieu of oil for baking
- a can of diet soda for baking boxed mixes

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

like, whole wheat pasta instead of regular pasta?

I also enjoy a dessert with sugarfree fudgecicles, natural peanut butter, and sugar free cool whip instead of something like a cookie or iced cream or cake...

Perfectlychic said...

skinny cow makes great ice cream sandwiches -- especially their mint or strawberry ice cream sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

V-8 fusion instead of regular juices. 8 tiny ounces gives you 3 servings of fruit and it is only 100 calories :) Instead of my OJ in the morning now I have been having the Fusion and I love it.

I also really enjoy whole wheat breads and pasta now :) If I happen to have the reg I think it taste all weird now and don't enjoy it :)