Friday, March 12, 2010


Still feeling crappy.  I'm still sick, though remarkably better. But my knee(s) are even worse.
I had to cancel my plans for tonight (shopping, which I really wanted to do! I loves me some shopping), and I had to cancel my training for tomorrow morning.  (not.happy.)

If this new pain lasts through the weekend, I'll have to make an appt with the orthopedist I guess. Doesn't seem to be much to do about it, though. They tell me to wear a brace, but if I wear a brace I can't bend my leg, and I can't work out. At least with the normal, moderate pain I can still work out.

Blah blah, bitching bitching.  Sorry :-)

Its just been a crappy week all around, and I'll be glad when Joel comes back, my knees forgive me, I can breathe through my nose, and all those other lovely things that I take for granted!

My Mom, Auntie, and I will be making a fabulous & fancy meal tomorrow, and I promise to take pictures!  So the mood will lighten up here shortly, I am sure! 

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~Oct said...

awww ... hope you feel better soon girly!