Thursday, March 11, 2010

I call the sunshine spot!

This week has been sucking. I just don't feel focused in anyway. Joel is away, it's LadyTime™, I'm still sick... I feel very fat, gross, and tired. I've been OK with my food.  Completely fine. I'm just not "in the zone" like I usually am. Its funny how I can eat the same way, but feel completely different about it depending on my mood.
Oh well, just gotta wait it out, I guess :-/

In happier thoughts... here's some pictures!

McShannon Breakfast Sammy - Mini bagel, 1 egg, laughing cow cheese & tabasco sauce

Golden beet, pre-cooked. Isn't it beautiful?

Golden beet and whole sweet tater, roasted for an hour.  Utter deliciousness.

This guy fell asleep on the stairs.

1 refreshing comments:

Rebecca said...

im feeling the blahs too.

cheers to that one! ;)