Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm not dead yet!

I got a new toy! I've been meaning to pick up a cd player or something to play through my bass rig, to try and play along with some of my bands songs. When I finally got around to getting something, I changed my mind and picked up an iPod touch. So far, I love the thing! Surprisingly one of my favorite things is the applications. It's a blast! How does this tie into this blog, you ask? This app right here.
Lose it!
Chai told me about it and has been using it for a while now. So I started yesterday to log in all my consumables. Including my beer, etc. Not only does it help to keep me healthier by logging in everything I eat/drink, Chai is on my friends on the app, which means she can see may daily caloric intake. Soooo, say I decide, hmmm.... this cheesecake looks tasty! NOM NOM NOM!!!! hrm.. I have an e-mail from Chai?
"You soooo fat!!! Cheesecake nommer!"
:( hrmmm, that stinks, I don't like getting yelled at by her. On second thought, no cheesecake for me, I'll have a water.

FYI, that is a real text I would get from her. :) maybe with less exclamation points though.
Another positive though, like yesterday for example, I was under my daily allowance for calories by about 170 calories, and I got a message from Chai that says congrats:)

There's a few other apps I'm looking forward to checking out, one for jogging that's supposed to be pretty cool, so when I get around to actually jogging again, I'll let you all know how that goes.

In unrelated news, my first show is coming up REAL soon, and I'm equal part nervous and excited. We've done a little recording and I've got a few other side projects in the works too. So the music on the music front, I'm having a blast and really moving forward. :)

And Chai is definitely kicking ass, and getting much healthier than I have ever been. Nothing but respect and love for that girl.

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