Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Question of the Day - Week 11

When you go grocery shopping, what's the first thing you look for on the product?

When looking at a row of products, I first locate any that say organic, or all-natural, and I start with that one. I then look at the serving size and calories, then I work my way down the line and compare it to all the others. If I find one that compares well, I then check the ingredients against each other. Whoever has things I can't pronounce loses!

As we're getting closer to the end now.. I'd like to do a little progress report so maybe you guys can take the time to catch up!

So far, there are only TWO peeps who are in the drawing to win the prize, and that is :

Muddymamma and CMH (Higgly!)

Here's everyone else, with how many questions they answered.
Remember, at the end, you need 12 out of 12 to be entered! (so up to now is out of 10)

October : 7/10
Salina Lyn : 3/10
Melissa : 8/10
Leila : 1/10
Mackattack : 5/10
Fatty : 1/10
Perfectly Chic : 9/10
CJ : 1/10
Mandy K : 1/10
CactusFreak : 1/10
Low Carb Daily : 1/10
Builder Adam : 3/10
Jamie : 2/10
Rebecca : 1/10
Seth : 1/10

So if you wanna be in it, just run down the list in the side bar and answer them all up! :-) Good luck!

6 refreshing comments:

muddymamma said...

1. Protein (need it)
2. Sugar (boot)
3. Fiber (poop)

I look for the most nutritional bang in the smallest serving size. The less processing the better ;-)

~Oct said...

I generally have a list or at least know what I'm at the grocery to get ... so I have pre-screened the items that I buy for the most part. Anything new that catches my eye requires a peek at the nutrition label. I first look at the carbohydrates line, next I look for fiber and do the mental subtraction to get net carb, then I check serving size. If the item is something sweet I will check to be sure it doesn't include aspartame and I look at the sugar alcohols line.

SageMom said...

I also look to see which is labeled organic.

Melissa said...

Price. Ha.

But that's because my budget manager is right beside me.

Other than that, I do look at calories probably most.

higgly said...

I have been really trying to find the healthier options. Go for the wheat or Multi-grain instead of white. I am really liking the Organic options (mmmmmmm Almond butter) or things like Almond milk instead of reg milk. So for the most part it is the calories I first look at and how natural it is.

Perfectlychic said...

No matter what it is, the very first thing I look at is calories-- I avoid isles where I'll be tempted like the cookie isle.. although recently I've been munching on reduced fat nilla wafers.. they seem to do the trick.. but YES! number one thing for me is not picking it up until I think about "will this be a good decision" and then re-analyze the situation once I see the caloric content!