Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Question of the Day - Week 8!

Do you work out when you're sick?


In general, yes. I work out when I have a head cold, or when I have tonsillitis. I don't do cardio if I have anything that involves barfing, or respiratory problems. If I have trouble breathing, I try to take it easy.

Since Sunday (when this ickyness started, I managed to make it through 2 of my 3 workouts, I am satisfied with that. I am still quite sick, and undecided about doing my jog tonight. But, truth-be-told, I am a little excited to do it tonight because I got new sneakers!

But, we'll see. I can't even make it down the hall without rattling some lung butter around.

7 refreshing comments:

~Oct said...

I haven't been sick since I've joined the gym but if I were I doubt I would go be around people. If I was sick enough to stay home from work I definitely would not go to the gym. If I'm just mildly sick that wouldn't keep me from working (or working out) though.

muddymamma said...

Hmmm no.

Jamie (beautyandthebeef) said...

If I'm having bad sinus issues I never have a good workout b/c I'm just so dizzy, so if it's that bad I don't work out.

One word for you for any type of congestion/mucus/nasal/sinus issues-MUCINEX. Get the maximum strength one, it's great.

Seth said...

I do workout -- I keep it lighter though. Instead of3-4 miles of 2 miles. I don't hit the weights real heavy anyways.

higgly said...

No I dont. I have been sick for about a month now and I try to work out like going for a walk but then I cant breath and out comes the handy dandy inhaler. I feel like if im sick it some how gives me the right to not eat as healthy and to not move at all. When it should be get more good stuff in you for your vitamins and move just not as much. Way easier said then done tho.


Perfectlychic said...

Well.. to be honest I haven't been working out much at all recently.. I've been so focused on finding a house before the tax credit expires..

BUT when I'm in a routine.. unless I'm really really really sick.. I try to go to the gym and just walk a little-- I try my best not to get out of a work out routine because it's so hard to get back into it!

Melissa said...

it's hard enough for me to work out when i'm healthy, so when I'm sick? no thanks.