Thursday, April 22, 2010

You've got to cool it now (ooh watch out!)

Trainer Bob gave me this cold compression wrap to try out, and I finally did! 

It is a one time use wrap, so I was surprised by the quality of the material. It felt like a regular gauze ace bandage. That is nice! 

(sorry for the cell phone pics!)

It was very wet, but easy to unpackage and roll out. 
This one said it was a "medium"  and unfortunately, I am not a medium size girl. It wrapped a comfortable 3 times around my knee, but didn't stay tight, or cover quite enough surface area. 
I do think, however, that a large would have been great. 

This morning, I do feel that my knee is better than it probably would have been otherwise.  I have an issue with icing my knees consistently. I know I should, and I know it's just an inconvenience. That's not the wraps fault, that's mine :-) 
I will say, when comparing this product to Icy Hot (or any similar rub) I far prefer this one. The compression aspect is really great, the cooling works faster and stronger and definitely lasts longer.  The smell, although still strong, is remarkably less offensive and lingering than the creams. 

So, just the like the book, I'll give you the pros and cons! 

Good : 
nice quality material/texture
smell was tolerable
long lasting
strong cooling effect
no refrigeration necessary
limits mobility - good for me, I would often put on the icy hot and then walk around, etc. This thing you really gotta put it on and chill out for awhile.

Bad : 
Very wet, have to bring a towel with you where you go
Info PDF, and many links from website didn't work

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Tricia said...

Is that New Edition??

Chai Latté said...

indeed, it is!