Monday, May 17, 2010

Everybody walk the corgisaur

This weekend, I introduced Joel to the rail trail. We took both pups for a walk, and the weather was perfection! 

We made a new friend! Joel named him Jonas.

Corgi thought he was cute. 

And I think that she's cute! 

Joel snuck some pictures of me in...

I'm honestly shocked at how big I still am. 
I can't figure out how I've lost 50lbs and I still look the same as I always did. 
Every now and then, I study myself in the mirror, looking for changes here and there. Sometimes, I think I see them.  And then... a picture. A picture negates it all. 
I always thought I'd have more issues with teaching my brain to catch up to my changing body... but it's the exact opposite. My mind thinks I am slimming down, looking better and smaller.  But my body is not. 

Well, regardless of this, I had a wonderful time on our walk.  We only made it 2.7 miles, 'cause fat Corgi could N.O.T. make it any further. She's out of shape, but she's also such a drama queen!

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Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

You might look the same to YOU, but you do not look the same to me. When I look at pictures of you at the wedding (where I thought you looked fabulous anyway) and look at you now, I see a HUGE difference. You notice it in your face, in your arms, in your stature. There really is a difference. I know you can't/refuse to see it, but it is there. You have to just trust me.