Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I can, and I will.

Being overweight, there is one thing that was always rolling around in my head... 
"I can't"

I can't lose the weight, I can't fit in that seat, I can't wear clothes I like, I can't do pushups, I can't eat like other people do, I can't I can't I can't!

I remember saying this often when I was a child. And my Dad would say "I don't want to hear you use that word" as if it were a swear.  If I repeated myself, he would follow up with "It's not that you CAN'T, it's that you WON'T"

These words from my Dad are words that I will never forget. (he's a smart guy, my Dad) 
I hear them when I am at the gym and I am told to do a new exercise that I've never attempted before. I can feel that dirty curse word on the tip of my tongue. I'm already convinced that I cannot do what is asked of me.  And then I have to tell that devil on my shoulder that it's wrong. I CAN do it. 

And if I fail in trying? 
Well, I'd rather be the girl that can't, over the girl that won't. 

If you're reading this... I'd really you to tell me something that you CAN do.

For instance...

I CAN tell people that I have lost over fifty pounds!
I CAN run for 2.5 miles straight!
I CAN do real pushups.. more than 10 at a time!
I CAN plan and execute a healthy meal
I CAN persevere, even through a long, frustrating plateau

4 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

I CAN lose weight. (When I want to).

Moleman said...

Good Girl... If I taught you anything... It is that you can, if you try... Although, sometimes the trying can get very hard! You have already lost over 50 pounds and overcome obstacles you never thought you could do. Now the next lesson is patience.... Every pound is harder to do than the previous one... Keep up the good work and you WILL reach your goals! I'm very proud of your accomplishments and your can do attitude!!

Anonymous said...

I want you to know I love your blog, and I read it regularly. It's nice to read a blogger who, like me, is constantly tweaking her approach to weight loss, and IS being successful, even when it feels like it's taking a long time. Way to go! Keep blogging!

muddymamma said...

Your dad is a pretty smart guy.