Saturday, June 26, 2010

Come on baby, blast my batter!

I was thrilled to have located some Batter Blaster at Whole Foods the other day. I couldn't wait to try it! 

If you haven't heard of it, Batter Blaster is pre-mixed pancake/waffle batter in a spray can. Like whipped cream. 

a 4inch pancake is a pretty decent size! And to have 4 pancakes, with sugar free syrup (or jam) - you've got yourself a beautiful breakfast for about 200 calories. 

So, all you do... is heat the pan, squirt this stuff right onto it in blobs... and watch the magic happen. 

I added some bloobs : 

For Joel, I made 2 blueberry pancakes, and one egg with cheese and hot sauce.
For myself, I made 2 blueberry pancakes, and 2 plain. 

On my plain suckers, I wanted to try another new-to-me product called Dessert Hummus. I'd heard of it before, but never tried. 

It's just hummus.. but with added flavors to make it sweet! I was a bit concerned about what kind of thing I'd use it on. But perhaps I found the perfect vessel! 

Here it is. A pancake with maple walnut hummus and a drizzle o sugar free maple syrup - 

And my whole plate : 
Yes, I am also concerned that my hummus looks strikingly like refried beans. I assure you, it was DELICIOUS.  I love these pancakes... I am not a huge pancake fan in general...I prefer savory breakfast!  But these are not sweet, not heavy and cakey. They are thin, airy, but still flavorful. 

The dessert hummus is fantastic. It has a whipped texture, and is not gritty like hummus can sometimes be.  The flavor is sweet and heavenly, but it still tastes... proteiny and earthy like chick peas do.

In other news... I won this week's Biggest Loser!  Everybody else is gaining, so.. it works out for me! ;-)  On Wiley, as you can see... I saw 211.3 this morning!!!! 
Soooo close to the 210 mark!  I gotta beat Fatty there and win my prize of 10 iced coffees! 
I got a gift card of my choice for winning, and I chose these guys : 

Does anybody have any good new music recommendations? My gym mix could use some sprucing! 

And lastly... what good would an entry be without something fluffy?
Meet Fatty's cat - Jager.

Mmmmph! Those cheeks!

3 refreshing comments:

Laura said...

My little nephews love the batter blaster too and I've never tried it! Love the brave savory combo with the hummus, I would absolutely dig on that too. Great job with the weight loss, way to go!

Have a great weekend
-Laura :)

higgly said...

New Hanson is amazing and the new Train stuff is wicked fun too.

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

OMG the look on kitty's face! :)

And those pancakes look totally delicious. I'm droooooooling.