Monday, June 28, 2010

Love and Knees

Whirlwind of a weekend, per usual!  
Saturday, after training, Joel and I took the pups for a walk on the rail trail.  We decided to do what we did last time which is just 2.6 miles.  1.3miles out to a beautiful bridge area, and then back. We discovered that right now, that is all the fat Corgi can handle. She gets SO tired, she just lays down in the middle of walking and won't budge. It's pathetic, and also adorable. 
Turns out, though, that it was too much for me, too. My knee acted up right at the 1/2 mile mark. Figures. I finished out our whole walk.. but it was not nice.  I am *trying* to take it easy on the damn thing... but UGH. Why is it so slow to heal? I'm not running, which stinks, cause I feel like I am losing any running ability that I just recently gained. Ah well. It'll get there!

Sunday, I had a wedding to go to! My friend Ali and her man Chafic were gettin' hitched! 
Unfortunately, I didn't get many pictures at all, but I have a couple to share! 

The Venue! A gorgeous flower garden. Ali & Chaf exchanged vows in the gazebo.

At the reception, the view in front of me.

The view behind me.

The view beside me! 
Yay! Hot Momma came as my date :-) 

This is the only pic I managed to snatch of the couple. But it obviously doesn't do anybody justice! 

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