Friday, June 11, 2010

Keep running up that hilllllll

Today, I got Fatty to begin his (our) Mt Washington training, by hitting up some steep ass hills.
I am a sucker for paths, so anytime I am driving down the road and see a path leading somewhere... man, I wanna know where it goes! It kills me!

So these paths by the power lines have been beckoning to me for years, I tell you!
I thought this was a good chance. Our goal? RUN up all the inclines, and walk down the other side. And so... we did!

In total, we climbed about 500 feet, and covered 2.65 miles of steep terrain!
The black flies were unbelievable, but we lived ;-) I got this picture from the car -

That was the first hill, but it kept going! 
The view was quite nice, but I didn't want to lug my camera up there, so.. sorry! 

I am happy with our progress! It was a beautiful sunny day, and I got Fatty moving! ;-)

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Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

Good thing you did this on Friday, and I went roller skating then. The weekend turned out to be a total washout! I thought it was supposed to be sunny with some t-storms!