Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pine Nutty!

This IS nutty!

It started this morning... a metallic taste in my mouth. Gross!
Now, I have this weirdness where during, and after my workouts, about 90% of the time I get a metallic type taste in my mouth. But it always goes away about 30 minutes after I've finished. (but this is a story for another time) Today, however, the flavor lingered. I googled a couple minutes ago, and read all these stories of people getting a metallic taste from.... eating pine nuts!

Wikipedia confirms :

"Risks of eating pine nuts

A small minority of pine nuts can cause taste disturbances, developing 1–3 days after consumption and lasting for days or weeks. A bitter, metallic taste is described. Though very unpleasant, there are no lasting effects. This phenomenon was first described in a scientific paper in 2001.[12] Some publications have made reference to this phenomenon as "pine mouth".[13] This is a relatively new phenomenon and appears to be most common in nuts coming from China. It has been theorized that the nut trees are absorbing something and passing it on to the nuts, or the nuts themselves are being treated with something before packaging. It is also possible that the nuts have spoiled and are rancid, causing the metallic taste disturbance. Also, it has been hypothesized that this bitter side effect is caused by an allergy that some people may have to pine nuts, but this does not explain the recent appearance of this syndrome. Metallic taste disturbance known as metallogeusia, are reported 1–3 days after ingestion, being worse on day 2 and lasting for up to 2 weeks. Cases were self-limited and resolve without treatment."

Now... first I thought.. I have always eaten pine nuts, and I haven't had any pine nuts recently!
BUT.  Many people reporting this symptom said they weren't previously allergic, either. And it still happened.  Also.. after wracking my brain, I realized I DID eat pine nuts. On my salad at The Melting Pot on Wednesday!

Weirdness, right?
I surely hope my gross taste does not last 2 weeks as the extreme cases may be. Put perhaps, if it does... it will be a good diet? ;-)

3 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

Oh that's funny! I had heard you can have a metallic taste in your mouth when you're pregnant too. ;)

Chai Latté said...

Ugh, well I surely don't wish it on you when you get pregnant! It's pretty disgusting!

Mandy K said...

That's very strange! I love me some pine nuts.

PS - did you change the layout of your blog? I like the new look!