Friday, June 4, 2010

My Body Is Buzzing

I returned home from the gym, still sweating. It was an excellent workout, but nothing out of the ordinary. Although, Bob began assessing me in terms of the mountain climbing condition I need to be in. I was very happy when he was pleasantly surprised at my state. He said, I'm fit to do the climb tomorrow! However, we both agree the best possibly thing is to get some more weight off, so that my knees can stand a chance. 
I fixed a makeshift dinner of sauteéd mushrooms, onions and artichoke hearts smothered in tomato sauce and fresh basil. I probably don't need to tell you - it was delicious. I forced myself to eat it slowly and deliberately, as I watched an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  If anything can inspire you to get into shape, it's watching dancers. These people have muscle strength that I could only dream of! To be so strong and powerful, and yet appear weightless and rhythmic? That is astounding to me. Astounding, but completely inspiring. 
After dinner, I took a shower and laid down in bed. 

My body, was buzzing. 

All the muscles in my legs felt like they were vibrating. For the first time ever I felt like my body was talking to me, thanking me.

Then, I slept! I slept blissfully until the morning. When I awoke this morning my body felt achey, slightly sore and... well, lovely.  

Did I finally achieve that "high"? Is it finally happening, that I am beginning to actually ENJOY exercise? Is my body finally changing into what I want it to be?
Only time will tell.  Until then... you better be damn sure I am going to continue treating it as nicely (albiet, nicely implies a bit of harshness!) as I have been. Because this is exactly how I want to feel, and live.

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Mandy K said...

This post made me so happy :)

You have made so much progress! The hardest part is getting your body used to the exercise - so now you can actually enjoy it. Ain't nothing like a runner's high then a deep sleep that night. I have never slept so well since I started exercising! (and quit caffeine...)

Congrats again. Also, are you taking any supplements? I tend to get jumpy legs, so I take a Magnesium and Calcium supplement every day. Very good for those bones and muscles.