Wednesday, June 2, 2010

This is a horrible idea!

Trainer Bob has somehow convinced me to climb Mt. Washington with him. 
For those not aware : 

"Bitter cold, dense fog, heavy snow, and record wind . . . 6,288 foot Mt. Washington is the home to The World's Worst Weather™"


We're slated to do it before my birthday (October). I've already convinced Fatty, my cousin Bobby, my friend's Debbie and Adam, and his boyfriend Drew. I also expect some other clients at the gym to want to participate!

Now tell me.... who else would like to come? :) Melissa? Gregg? Becky?! Step right up!

Our goal (mine & Bob's for me) is to get my weight to at least under 200lbs by then. And I'll do some training on my own, in the woods and hills, just to make sure I can handle it!

5 refreshing comments:

Melissa & Brad said...

I'm in!!!

Melissa & Brad said...

To quote Brad:

Are they talking about climbing to the bowl or the summit (not sure you can climb to the summit but I could be wrong). I've done it once before and damn, why would I want to do it again? :) I'm sure I'll end up going when the time comes but don't commit my ass to nothing. :)

~Oct said...

You are my hero!

higgly said...

You can totally do this love :) I am def down for climbing too. This means tho that you have to come visit when we are camping so we can climb Mt Manadonoc for practice :)

Moleman said...

I'll see if the car will make it up the road and meet you at the top. I want to see you wearing the bumper sticker!!

You CAN do it...

You can go to Greylock and train there... bring me back some of those yummy blueberries!