Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Rules for Dieting

Here are the "New Food Rules" according to the leading experts. 

First of all... how is this news?  Who DOESN'T know these things? Sure, I know people (nearly everyone, actually) who doesn't follow these rules, but they KNOW them.

Ok, so maybe it's a good thing that the experts are constantly putting the same info out there and labeling it as new information.  Maybe they are bombarding the public with information that they need to know, and the only way they'll pay attention is if they think it is new and different.  I get that. And, I mostly agree with it.
However, here is my issue.

People will continue to look for the next NEW thing.  We've grown accustomed, now, to our knowledge from research constantly changing. The problem is that, some things will never change.
I'll tell you what reaction I get from people -

Self : "drinking water is so good for you!" 
Person : "sure, that's what they say NOW, but those studies are always changing!"

Obviously, that's dramatic, but that's what I hear about so many things. I am not against new studies and information... that is what we're all about and how we grow and adapt.  But some things will not change. And at this point, all people are looking for is the next new thing. Some new diet or product that is going to work faster or better.  And while that is on the horizon, naturally, I don't think it should be waited upon. 

If anyone is still reading, I'd like your opinion...

Do you think it's GOOD that they release the same diet and health information over and over and claim it is breaking news? Or do you think they need to stop sensationalizing it so people stop craving that next best thing?

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Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

OMG. I clicked, expecting to see at least something I hadn't heard a million times already, but nope. All of those are not NEW food rules. They're the same things you (and other diet outlets) have been telling me for years. None of that is new. Exercise is new? Really? Oh, and eating less calories? Well, gee, I didn't know that. I'll stop eating my 4,000 calories a day now and switch to fewer calories just because you told me it was new.

To answer your question, I tend to agree with your post, about how, people are always searching for the next new thing. But it annoys me to no end all these "new things" that come out. For example, yesterday, a friend on LJ who is pregnant wrote how she can't have roast chickens from the grocer now that she's pregnant. Really? With everything I hear, it doesn't seem like you can eat ANYTHING when you're pregnant anymore, because god forbid, one child in a million developed a birth defect or something from it.

Wiki is not always your friend! Sometimes, too much information is not good. And too many new studies can really mess with you.

Suddenly, there's a study saying sunscreen causes skin cancer. So what do you do? Take your chances with no sunscreen or use it? (I don't use it, but that's not my recommendation).