Monday, June 21, 2010

Rock out with your Blog out

Happy Monday everyone! (I can hear the universal groans)  Yeah, I hate Mondays, too.  The weekend was nice, but too short - as always!  I had good, active plans for the weekend and couldn't follow through on them.  My knee is better, but it's still having issues which is, needless to say, very frustrating. I've been treating it as nicely as I can, and I just gotta hope for the best now! Like I said, it's definitely getting better... just not fast enough for me and my impatience!

Well, lets move onto the good stuff! I got to see Fatty's band play on Saturday night. Yay!  The show was fun, and we got to play pool beforehand, so that's always good by me! I got everybody to take a picture in the giant chair, of course...

Mom & Dad

Quietis, rocking out! 

And a bonus pic of Coops. (no, he wasn't at the concert, just chillin at home!)

So yah, the show was fun. We had dinner beforehand in honor of Father's Day (yay for Daddy!)

I got home late and went right to bed. I'm such an old lady!

2 refreshing comments:

Melissa said...

I love how pissy Coop looks!

BuilderAdam said...

OMG My son is the DEVIL!! Look at those eyes!! YEEKS!