Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A new day, a new approach

As I mentioned before, I've been thinking about what to do with my diet, to be sure that I am eating properly to fuel the amount of exercise I've been doing.  I decided to do some massive researching on diets that are ideal for people who work out a lot. But ALSO for people who want to lose fat.

I found a diet that is about ratios.  I know you've all heard of the Zone Diet, and the 60/20/20, things like that. This is very similar.  It is about eating a specific ratio of protein to carbs to fat. In the process, I will also be upping my calories. And also, combining this with the calorie cycling that I was previously doing. 

Ok, you still following? :-)

Here's how it goes :  

I am starting with the Carb to Protein Ratio Diet.  The diet is based on a study done by The University of Illinois in 2003, as seen HERE.
Essentially, it raises the protein intake, and lowers the carb intake so that they are almost equal.
They give you some calculations to do to determine your calorie intake, carb, protein, and fat intake.
They are very simple, and you can find them HERE.

Now, according to their calculations, my caloric intake should be 1,800 calories which includes : 60g of fat, 189g of carbs, 135g of protein. And so, it shall! However, on my rest days, and on days that I burn less calories (than I would at the gym) I will be consuming 1,500 calories (and therefore the carb/protein/fat grams adjust as well : 50g fat, 156g carbs, 112g protein)

And so, there you have it! 

Yesterday was Day 1 of this plan.  I ate the numbers to a T, which wasn't too easy.  Eating that much protein was a little rough to work in, I had to really load up my dinner with it, but I did not have to overeat or anything like that.  I also burned 1,260 calories at the gym. So, all the protein felt nice, and filled me up! 
Today, I've got all my foods logged in. I am eating 1,500 today because I'll just be cycling after work.
I even went to Chili's for lunch, and managed to make it fit the plan perfectly.
I am going to give you yesterday and today's menus for example :

1,800 Calorie Day
B : Chobani & one apple
L : Wheat wrap w/ diced onion, cheddar cheese, 4 oz chicken breast, giardiniera, mustard.  1/2 a cucumber w/vinegar and 15 (1 ounce) organic corn tortilla chips (baked)
S : Iced coffee w/skim, bagel thin w/2 tbsp peanut butter and 1 apple
D : 3 poached eggs, 1 piece toast, 2 ounces lean ham, and one banana mixed with 2 servings of whey protein powder & water

Counts : 1,830 calories 29% fat, 41% carbs 30% protein; burned 1,260

1,500 Calorie Day
B : Chobani, one apple, iced coffee w/skim
L : 2 servings grilled shrimp (approx 10 small/medium), rice, steamed broccoli
S : 1 banana, 1 protein shake
D : 2 cups lettuce, 1 chicken breast, 1 hardboiled egg, feta yogurt dressing, wheat tortilla

Counts : 1,433 calories 29% fat, 41% carbs, 30% protein; possible burn 400-500 calories

I just started this plan without grocery shopping first, which is why I am having protein shakes. I am not against protein shakes, I just don't love them for me, so in the future, I'll be just beefing up my protein with more lean meats, nuts, etc. (real food)

I would love opinions on this. Has anyone ever kept to a certain ratio?

2 refreshing comments:

Janetha said...

interesting breakdown of calories! it is really similar to how i currently eat. looks like a great plan.

Lori said...

I really like how I feel when I hit 40/30/30, but I usually end up closer to 50/25/25/.

I figure as long as I get in 100 g of protein in a day, I am doing pretty well.