Monday, July 26, 2010

A Perfect Storm of Pain . . .

. . . that is what the Orthopedic doctor called my knees. ;-)  Lovely!

I guess a combination of arthritis, bone spurs, malalignment, and patellofemoral overload creates a crappy situation in my knees. (none of these are surprises, it's the same diagnosis since I was a kid. The spurs are new, but expected) She said Lefty (the one that has been bothering me lately) is most likely a small meniscus tear, but she agrees with me that it's healing up fine. 

As you can imagine... she told me not to run, jump, hike, stair-climb, play tennis, or do any other exercise that causes any impact on the knees.
So, as you can also probably imagine... I will need to ignore her.  ;-)

Ok, ok, I am not THAT rebellious. But I really don't think I can just stop what I've been doing, and enjoying.  I'm working SO hard toward something. I can't just stop.

I have a prescription for 8 weeks of Physical Therapy, which I am not jazzed about. But I will see what their thoughts are about my training/running, etc.

The worst news of all from my appointment, is that when I asked the Doctor her thoughts on me climbing Mt Washington... her response was :
"No. For you? NEVER!" 


I do agree with her reaction, and for right now, I will heed her advice. However, once I've lost a bit more weight, I will re-assess.  Because I do think that my body can handle it. And I think that when I am in even better shape, and my legs are more lean and more muscular, they will be able to absorb a lot more work.  We shall see.

3 refreshing comments:

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

Aw, I KNOW you'll be able to do that climb one day. You definitely have the energy and stamina for it, if it weren't for that darn knee.

I do hope the knee gets better. Does she expect you to not run, jump, etc, for the rest of your life? Or just while it heals?

It sounds so frustrating, I'm sorry! :(

Chai Latté said...

Yeah, it's a life time problem. Had it for the last 28 years, so it will continue on! Until I get them replaced, anyway!

Moleman said...

Okay... Compromise, Compromise.. As one old rebel to another younger rebel.. ya have to compromise... Hike up the road instead of the trail... Or.. learn how to walk on yer hands! Ha use your elbows like knees!! Sorry.. you should have gotten my knees instead of your Mothers..When you do get them replaced, get the pogo stick version.. much more fun!! HAHAHA... Hope they start to feel better fun when it hurts to walk...