Friday, August 6, 2010

You crossed the line, health food!

Ok, how many times have you taken a big bite of a protein (or meal replacement) bar... grimaced, and said "why can't it just taste good?"   Protein bars are one step away from a Snickers. They are typically high in calories, high in sugar, and made in sweet chocolatey flavors. And YET, they taste like a brick of chalk, rolled in peanut flower and dipped in a chocolate-flavored wax medley. You find yourself wishing that it just was a damn Snickers.

But now, that wish has bitten me in the butt. 
I have found it.
The ONE.

The protein bar that is candy. That is more delicious than a Snickers bar (I'm actually not a huge Snickers fan, so this analogy is running out of steam)


Now, I am a HUGE fan of wafer cookies.  Crispy, flakey, held together with multiple sweet cream layers! *sigh*
And this, is just a giant wafer cookie, with added protein, minus the protein taste.
This one - Peanut Butter Fudge was delicious. But, it was still inferior to the one I ate prior which was White Chocolate Peanut Butter. 
Alright, time for the pros and cons.

• It's delicious. Would be super satisfying if you're a candy bar junkie.
• 14g of protein. Awesome!
• Decent size

• It's delicious. I want 10 more.
• 200 calories is a bit high for me
• Not filling. It helped me meet my protein goal for the day, but it didn't feel like I ate anything at all.
• Expensive. But all supplements are.

5 refreshing comments:

Rebecca said...

ooohhhh... I might have to try one!

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

For a couple weeks I was having Brad buy those Kashi bars - first in peanut butter, then in trail mix. Thinking, I need some protein, but they taste like ass. I hate them.

Chai Latté said...

Ugh, Melissa.. I hate Kashi bars. I can't even BITE them. blech.
These are delicious! I don't mind a little protein powder taste.. I mean, I do drink protein shakes. But sometimes, it's just too chalky!

Mint said...

New reader here! I've had some terrible, terrible experiences with protein bars before, but these I may actually have to give a try. :)

Mandy K said...

I love the Odwalla bars, although the sugar level varies on which flavor you buy. Most have a good amount of protein and fiber, so they are a perfect mid-morning snack. Plus a carb or two for energy.