Monday, September 13, 2010

Excerpt of awesome

Let me share with you a conversation that just occurred
Me = the blue blurbs/excited chickadee
Joel = greenish blurb, rubber ducky

I am a little blown away by this. 
I know I won't miraculously be knee-pain free starting today. But what an improvement! I don't even have the tape on today.
I admit, I was starting lose hope in the PT. Only because, people (including the therapist herself) kept asking me about the progress and if I felt better or different at all. And I didn't. It made me think I was supposed to feel better, and therefore it wasn't working properly. 
I think it's working :-) I've been really good about doing my exercises at the gym, and at home when I need to.  

Oh man... what will I be able to do... with less knee pain?!?! 

2 refreshing comments:

Trainer Bob said...

Wow..Mt. Washington here we come :) Okay, Okay, next year!

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

Oh good! I am so glad things are getting a bit better in the knee department.

PT took a long time for me to see results, too. And it didn't cure the problem for me (getting a new mattress did), but it DID help. Just took a couple of months to really see improvement.