Sunday, October 10, 2010


Crazy date today. I bet Janetha is loving it! (she's a numbers freak, that girl!)
So, I'd thought I'd make my own little meme for today.

10 Things I've Accomplished
• I've lost over 50lbs
• I've gone from not being able to run 10 seconds, to running over 2 miles
• I've started to educate myself about the body and exercise science (I do feel like *starting* something is an accomplishment, it's moving past the just talking about it stage! :-))
• I've been active in the on-line weight loss community to help other people
• I've finally taken steps to improve the function of my knees, instead of just ignoring them
• I've challenged myself to overcome some anxiety issues (which I haven't overcome, but I'm trying!)
• I've improved my cardiac health and strength by an enormous amount
• I've become comfortable with sweating :-)
• I've gotten my foods to approximately 80% organic in my home

10 Things I Plan To Accomplish
• I plan to lose another 65lbs
• I plan to run a 5k
• I plan to climb Mount Washington
• I plan to inspire someone else to make a lasting change
• I plan to learn to appreciate and love my body, even when it will never be 'perfect'
• I plan to be one of the healthiest, most fit people I know!
• I plan to build my confidence in all areas
• I plan to do 10 pull ups, with no help!
• I plan to never stop improving my health and fitness
• I plan to never give up!!

10 Things I Couldn't Do This Without
• My trainers, especially Bob.
• My friends and family and their awesome support
• Blogger, and my blogger buddies!
• My new sneakers!
• Tasty fruits
• Good music
• Weight lifting gloves
• Chobani
• My Treadmill (I'll be back on it soon!!!)
• My motivation and commitment, which is often tested, but never breaks.

Give me your 10-10-10!

2 refreshing comments:

Janetha said...

it's kind of ridiculous how many people linked to me today. i guess i am a little overboard on my numbers obsession! but proud of it :) i LOVE your list of accomplishments. i am having a discouraging day today and this is just what i needed to read. so thank you.

sue62 said...

It's great that you have accomplished so much and have more goals to reach for. Keep up the good work!