Thursday, October 7, 2010

Five Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

l.a.b.  just wrote a post as simple as stating 5 things she is happy about right now.  And now, so shall I!

1. I am about to take my first real vacation ever! 
Joel is taking me to Florida for a whole week for my birthday!! We leave just over a week from now :)

Naples, Florida

2. It's Fall! 
There is a lot about the fall that I don't like, but for all those, there are plenty that I love! Like cold nights in a warm bed,  making hot frothy drinks, apple picking, wearing sweaters, and toasty boots. And of course, my birthday!

Pumpkin Latté I made last fall!

3. Good Things Happening For My Friends!
You all read about Adam's little Monkey :-(  Though very sad, he's also got some good in his life right now too, with a great new relationship.  Melissa's pregnancy is getting a little bit easier for her (though no walk in the park, I know!), and everything is healthy so far! Debbie is adjusting to life in Connecticut and seems really content. Johnny & Kate are now engaged and planning their wedding! Fatty's been jamming more with his band, workin' on his skillz! Good things for everyone :-)

These are not my friends, but they'll do in a pinch!

4.  I'm getting closer to picking a car! 
As you all know, my reward for losing 50lbs is a convertible. I've been over the 50lb mark for awhile now, but I just can't seem to narrow down my car choices.  I just haven't fallen in love yet! 
But, I am getting closer! 

A little somethin' like this.  (I am a woman, therefore, this is subject to change. multiple.times.)

5. My Halloween Costume!
Ok, this has to be a surprise, but I am so glad it came, and it fits. Just wait!

This is NOT it. But I would eat that.

Anybody else got anything they are excited about?

2 refreshing comments:

Kacy said...

Those are great happy things!

Melissa Whittaker (mswhittaker23) said...

That is a HOT car :)

And I love the FRIENDS picture :) Hee hee.