Monday, October 18, 2010

Vacay! Day 1 & 2 :-)

Well, Day 1. We were supposed to be getting on a plane at 6:40am. We had to get up at 3am, haul our tired freezy butts to Boston, and we got there with just 20 minutes to spare. In airport world, 20 minutes to spare means - you missed your flight. 
And so, we missed our flight. 
We got booked on the next direct flight, 1:50pm. And so, we wait. 
This is all I saw, for awhile : 

Around 1:30 we discover that Air Force One has pulled into the airport. Obama is here, and he made our flight delayed! 3:05 it now says.  We finally boarded sometime around 4pm.  The flight was fine, then.... we're in FLORIDA! 

The house is gorgeous. Everything is new and so nicely decorated. 

I got to see palm trees! palm treeees!  Look how cute they are! 

This is the house! (we're staying in Joel's Grandpa's house) 

There are TWO things I wanted to get out of this Florida trip : fresh squeezed orange juice.


We got home from breakfast, and Joel said "hey, check out mr lizard"
I thought he was a decoration! AHHH look at this little guy!! 
I know, I'm sheltered, but damnit, I had no idea that adorable little anoles ran around all willy nilly! 

We had dinner at a place called The Turtle Club, and it was directly on the beach. So I got my first look at the beach from there. 
People were sitting outside, and they actually applauded when the sun finished setting. How sweet is that?

Tomorrow, I think we're gonna go to the zoo, and/or an everglades tour. Then, the beach for reals!

4 refreshing comments:

muddymamma said...

oooohhhhhhh so pretty!!!!!!
Love the little gizzard ;-)

lol my word verification is mootab

Melissa Whittaker said...

yay for an update! :) So excited.

That sucks that you missed your flight. That's why I don't fly out of Boston, though, to be honest. Not only is it easier to get in and out of Manchester, but the lines for security move SO MUCH QUICKER.

And have you only seen one salamander so far? They are ALL OVER down there. I remember when I was little, catching one in a jar. Of course, i left it out in the sun and, bye bye salamander.

Oh, but they are all over Disney - we tried counting how many we'd see on our disney trips but there's too many to count.

Damn Obama!

Chai Latté said...

Haha yah! I've seen a bazillion anoles now! But it's exciting everytime! Just need to find a gator now!! :)
Were in the car on the way to the zoo right now though!

Melissa Whittaker said...

Well, if you're going to the glades you'll have no trouble seeing gators, I'm sure. But otherwise, look in the ponds next to the highways...that's where we find them in Disney.

Disney's got a few in their river that runs along the train tracks too - I've spotted them a few times but am never quick enough to get a photo!