Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vacay! Day 3 & 4

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is work out. I do my knee exercises and some abs and jump roping.  Today, I discovered that I can do pull ups in the pool!  

After my workout yesterday morning, we headed up to the Naples Zoo! 
It was really  nice! 

Here I am skritching this giant tiger. He's real, I tell you... I am so brave!

Gigantic bird, unfazed by the lurking gators. Here we are waiting for the feeding of the gators to begin!


This guy, if you can see him... has a coconut on his back! what a goof.

This dude was HUGE. Look at his cheeks! 

Chomping pile.
This leopard was so beautiful! 

I swear, she wasn't going potty. She just squatted there and made a grimace and then moved on. I dunno. But look at that face!

These little ibis followed us around. 

I thought it was love. 

D'oh.  Turns out, all they wanted was some fish food. 

Primate island! 

I love this! 

Joel loved the zebras. They reminded us so much of Zevon. They were very silly and excited and spooked by everything.

This one is for Fatty. He loves an Ocelot! 

The trees were just as breathtaking as the animals.


Pumba?  These hogs are hilariously ugly, which makes them cute! 

After the zoo, we got changes and drove over to our private beach! 
Actually, we drive to a parking lot where a cute old guy waits for us to drive us to the beach on a golf cart.  The cart ride itself was so nice, we say a mommy gator and her little striped babies.

The beach is gorgeous. I only took this one picture : 

Sorry, I was too excited to jump in the water! 
I even saw a dolphin jump out of the water... maybe 35 feet from where we were swimming! 
And jumping fish all over the place! The water is warm and clear, and the sand is brilliant white and soft like flour. Unbelievable! 

After showers, we went to AZN for dinner.  I had Surf & Turf Maki (beef cappaccio & tuna) and Fish & Chips Maki (grouper, wasabi tartar sauce) 

It was delicious.  We had the best waiter ever, and that surf & turf maki was sooooooo good! 

We have a fun adventure planned for tomorrow too, stay tuned! 

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Melissa Whittaker said...

Oh my goodness! What is that I see? Why, it's a picture of Shannon! Holy smokes! :)

And a cuuuuuute one at that! :)

Love all the cute animals. Looks like you are having so much fun! :) I miss you though, can't wait for you to come home!!!