Monday, November 22, 2010

The Monsters Loose

My stems are tired.
Why, you ask?


'cause they just ran 2 miles! Mm hmm, that's right.

1 mile walking, 2 miles straight running. I am so glad I am getting back to where I left off!
I *should* be icing my knees right now, but alas, I am not. I gotta get better about that, if I don't want ultimate pain after these little runs.

This blog title is in reference to my favorite running song - The Monsters Loose by Meatloaf.
You can chuckle all you like, but I am a huge Loaf fan. And I am not ashamed! :-)
Anyway, this song is so great. It's got a good tempo for running, but it also has this message that, to me, is indicative of how I feel when I am running. And it's a little naughty, and totally awesome to feel like I'm a monster, just tearing and ready to be let loose! Running may be... exhausting and painful but it also feels like rapture. You can feel every muscle in your body. Every molecule of air flowing into your lungs and into your blood. As much as my body 'hates' it... it also feels very alive. It feels like I'm proving something. And that's just a good feeling for anybody :)

I was really hoping for a 3,000 calorie burn today. My BodyBugg recommends 2,400 burn. And I (so far) typically burn about 2,600 every day. Today I got 2,735. I'm not sure what I gotta do to get the 3,000, but damnit, I'm gonna do it!

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