Sunday, November 21, 2010

There are options

Joel's favorite place in the world is Chipotle. When I told him I was following the Paleo diet, and what that means... I could see his face contorting in a way that only meant he was thinking one thing : "but. what about Chipotle!?!?" I calmed his fears, I told him I can find something to eat anywhere, I am sure of it.
Yesterday was the Chipotle test, and it was e-a-s-y.

Empty bowl.
Add : lettuce, barbacoa beef, mild salsa, guacamole.



It was SO so good. I didn't miss the rice, tortilla, sour cream, cheese, etc. (And I'm not lying, I really didn't)

And you know how many calories it had? 345 calories. No lie.

I had a nice day yesterday. No, not just because I had Chipotle :-) I also had a craft fair to run with Melissa. In general, I don't really like working the fairs, if only because I don't like sitting in one place all day long waiting for people to give me money. But, I love setting up our stuff, and I love just hanging out with Melissa. I hope she doesn't mind (and let me know if you do, Melissa!), but I have to post this picture...

Look how cute she is with her belly!!!

Melissa @ craft show

Adorable, I know.

Well, now I am off to spend my day doing housework and office work. (wee!) :-|

4 refreshing comments:

Floriana said...

What a glowing smile! She really is adorable :)

Don Wiss said...

I have never eaten at a Chipotle. You make it sound like you assembled the dish yourself. Don't you order off a menu?

Looking at their website I find they use soybean oil in everything, including the chicken and steak.

Chai Latté said...

It's delicious, don! :)
It's similar to a salad bar, but they scoop everything for you. So you tell them what you want, and how much you want of it.

Melissa Whittaker said...

Hahah. Thank you for all your help at the show! :)