Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday, again?

Well, it's Monday again (how does this happen?!) and I am still in a weird place.  My weight is only going up and my body feels like it is crumbling. I am finding it hard to rally.

I know it comes back around.  So let's get on to my weekend happenings and weekly goal update -

Saturday was to be my 3,000 calorie deficit day. It started out with a good, hard workout from Damon. I then went home, put on some new jams (fyi : the new Cee Lo album is faaabulous) and went hardcore on cleaning the kitchen.  We have had a mouse problem lately, so there was some serious scrubbing to be done.  Joel informed me that we'd be going to his friend's house in Rhode Island for a Game Night.  I was a bit bummed, because I knew I was nowhere near my calorie burn. And so I decided to take a loss, and do the big deficit the next day.

Game Night was pretty good. The drive was over an hour, which was a bit much, but no biggie.  I met some of Joel's friends that I hadn't met before. They were all very nice, and I unexpectedly won the game!! suckers!  :-)
I started out feeling a little cranky, because before leaving, I was in my closet trying to get dressed.  I had nothing to wear that looked decent. I tried on at least 30 things. I was so frustrated. I ended up putting back on the grubby clothes I was wearing and went like that.  After meeting another girl there, I felt even worse. She was tiny and dressed impeccably.  I felt so uncomfortable.

Anyway, moving on!

Sunday, would now be my mega work out day.  I got up and put on my work out clothes right away.  I hopped on the treadmill and did a mile and a half.  Rested for about 30 minutes and then did a workout on the Wii for 40 minutes.  I did some chores and ate some lunch, then hopped back on the treadmill.
This time, however, was not good.  About a quarter of a mile in my knee went out from under me.
Because of my knee condition(s) this used to happen to me a lot.  As a kid, every time I'd run, it would go loose and I'd fall.  That hasn't happened in awhile. But it happened. My knee cap slid to the side and my leg buckled. Luckily, I caught myself on the treadmill bars so I didn't hurt myself.
I got off the treadmill, iced my knee for a bit and tried to devise a new plan.  But with my knee out of commission and my shoulder benched as well, I felt too defeated to continue.

The good part, is that after looking at my BodyBugg numbers for the weekend,  on Saturday I actually came pretty close to my goal!  I only needed to burn 500 more calories to hit my 3k deficit!
So, it's totally doable I think. I'll just have to try again next weekend.

And, that leads us to now.
I'm bruised and I'm frustrated... but I'm ok :-)

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Gregg said...

I don't usually comment on your blogs (although I read every one).. but you mentioned the Cee Lo album. I am hooked on the song (and video) of "F You". Love it!

Melissa Whittaker said...

I hope your knee feels better soon!