Monday, December 6, 2010

On The Record

You know how I always say that when people start telling me I look like I've lost weight, it's a surefire sign that I gained?

This morning, I am up 3lbs.

Today I have gotten 3 compliments on how I look like I've lost. 

What is with that?!  I can't wait till someone says "oh man, you look like you gained a ton!" I'll probably be at goal!  ;-)

3 refreshing comments:

BuilderAdam said...

Funny that because I was just looking at pictures of us from high school and went "holy crap!". We were huge! Just think about how far you've come since then. We're doomed to struggle with it, but you're doing awesome and I'm always super proud of you!!!!

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

that happens to me too! Sorry you are gaining. I just hate our bodies, they totally don't cooperate with what we put into it

Mandy K said...


You do look fabulous though!