Friday, January 7, 2011

BodyBugg, you dirty filthy liar!

According to Mr. BodyBugg's  numbers I should have lost 25lbs between November 18th and today.
(I'd be UNDER 200!  Wouldn't that have been nice?!) 
At this point, I am not entirely sure what changes I could possibly make that would force the scale to move.  But if anyone has any ideas.. I would LOVE to hear them!

As for my diet, I have been able to consistently keep my intake between 1,200 and 1,500.  Which I think is ideal. I've been enjoying the Paleo diet, however, it was causing me to gain weight. This doesn't make sense to me either, since it was calorie-wise the same but sans grains and dairy. But some people mentioned too much fructose (sugars from fruit) to be a culprit and I can't deny that... I do eat a lot of fruit.  I have decided to add one serving of grains a day in place of some fruit. No change in weight yet, but we'll see.

In the past couple weeks I've been feeling fatter, yuckier, and more out of shape than ever. I hate when this feeling comes on.  Yes, I AM up 9lbs, but I am still in the best shape I've ever been.  I am following the Couch25k program and I am frustrated because of how easy it is.  (I mean, wtf? I'm frustrated by how easy exercise is! That is not me!  That is progress!)  

So, I beg of you!  Please leave me a comment, tell me what worked for you or someone you know. I'll try it!  Well, so long as its healthy :-)

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Rebecca said...

how about trying WW?

just go to a location and buy a calculator and your really all set. it sets up your daily allowance and helps you figure out how much points items have.

I mean, you could even just try it for a few weeks while doing the paleo.

have you also recently gotten blood work done?

just some ideas, another blogger has been on a 1 yr plateau as well and shes finally getting blood work done...

Chai Latté said...

I have gotten the bloodwork done! Nothing unusual, they said! Which is good, I guess.. though I was anticipating something showing up.

I have considered WW before, but it just seems like another way of counting calories, and I am already a pro at that. I will definitely look into it though, thank you!!
I'll take any suggestions I can get. There must be SOMETHING that works for me :-)

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

Ugh. SUCH A PAIN! WW is having a free membership time right now. I've been considering it as well, but I can't stomach spending that much money when I can just track on sparkpeople for free. I'm with you and I just don't understand. At least there is progress on the work out front! You are getting more fit and that's what really matters. Especially since our bodies seem to defy science!

laura said...

i have no ideas, but i am maintaining on more of a paleo diet than strictly low carb... but then again i don't eat too much fruit due to habits formed by lc. darn fructose! a lot of people who struggle have their thyroid checked out, but i'm thinking you already did that? regardless of those pounds up... you are doing amazingly, and i hope you find what works for you now :)