Monday, January 3, 2011

His & Hers

Joel has been on a fit kick lately, and I couldn't be more proud!  He's worked out more in the past week than ever in all of our 7 years! (Friday is our anniversary, 7 years I tell you!!)
I know how much energy and discipline it takes to work out consistently and so I know he's really pushing himself.  It's truly great to witness! :-)  And selfishly, I hope he continues, because it's so nice to have a partner! 

Though, speaking of partners... guess who is back in the game?!!? 

That's right. Fatty came over tonight and he did the bike, and some weights, and some boxing!  What a good doobs!  I did my 20 minute C25K session, then some cycling, and a tiny bit of boxing with Fatso and Corgi.  

 Now, I'm pooped like this pup : 

Zevon is not allowed on the bed. And I had to kick him off after taking the picture. 
But man, does he look COMF! 

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Melissa Whittaker said...

ah!!! 7 years!!! Congrats to you both!