Monday, January 10, 2011


Trainer Bob and I have decided on a new regimen and today is Day 1.  

My food will be as follows : 
Breakfast : Protein Shake
Lunch : 500 calories
Snack : Protein Shake
Dinner : 300 calories

Yes, it's low in calories. No, it's not dangerously low. I'm cool with it! 

I will be hitting 3,000 calories burned every day.  This isn't a big change, though. On a normal day (which includes a workout) my burn ends up between 2,800 - 3,100.  So, the difference will be to get in just a little more activity to make it over 3k every day.  Now, we know that the numbers don't always work out for me, but in *theory* this would give me -4lbs per week.   (I know, I scoff!) 

So there you have it!  
Today, Day 1, I am already mucking it up too, I need to flop lunch and dinner calorie counts. But I think Bob will forgive me this one :-) 

Knowing what lies ahead, I did a little prepping this weekend to get myself ready.  I got a new shaker bottle (as I accidentally left mine in Florida!) 

Cute, no? :-) 

I bought some more protein powder.  I use Tera's Whey, which I really love. I actually didn't need anymore, because I have a big tub of the Bourbon Vanilla. But at WholeFoods the Wolfberry was 50%! So I snatched it up. 

 (fact : wolfberry is just another name for goji berry)

Ok! So, that takes care of breakfast & snack time. 
Now, for meals! I'll be eating the same things as I have been, just making sure they stay in the 300 or 500 calorie zone. This means a lot of lean meats.  I snatched a roaster chicken at WF as well and roasted it yesterday (my Mom was over and helped me season it to perfection too!) 

Here is what it looked like before cooking : 

Ha! Ok, you got me. I don't have a pic of the before. But here is the after :

(yeah, I started ripping into it before I took the pic... sorry!) 

 Post massacre : 

Lookin' good, carcass!

And here is it's final fate : 

Yep, that is the whole chicken right there.  4 containers of 6oz each.

I guess I'm gonna need more chickens!

While at WF I also grabbed a couple low-sodium organic soups, and one or two of Amy's frozen meals.  I far prefer fresh everything, but sometimes it really pays to have a fast back up plan!

My weight is still fluctuating wildly. Day to day I am 217 to 224.  
Today I will mark my starting weight at 220.1, I'll weight in again next Monday to see!

4 refreshing comments:

Rebecca said...

so wait you have to actually roast the chicken?

how do you do that?

i typically buy one from Costco weekly but would love to start buying more hormone free ones, obviously and might need to check this out.

Chai Latté said...

hah! of course! It's SO easy. I roasted my own because I also wanted an organic, hormone-free chicken. It's super easy!
1. rinse the chicken in cold water (including inside cavity)
2. remove the little bag of guts from the inside (if there is one, some don't include it)
3. plop it on a pan
4. shake on any seasonings you like
5. Cook at 350degrees for an hour to an hour and a half. Test for doneness (meat thermometer is best) Chicken should be 160 degrees or higher at thickest point)
6. Let rest for a few minutes
7. Eat!

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

mmmm we had roast chicken for dinner tonight. So Delicious! How many calories are in those protein shakes? What do you mix with them? I need an easier, higher protein breakfast and I'm not disciplined enough to wake up early and make eggs every day!

Chai Latté said...

I mix them with just water, but it's even better (read: tastier) with milk. It has 110 calories per serving and a serving is just 6 ounces