Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day

We were warned yesterday about a big blizzard headed our way. So,   I woke up this morning, and peeped out the window...

Yep, it came!

The next peep went to my email, where there was an email from my boss saying the office was closed. So I headed downstairs and did the first shoveling of the day so the pups could go potty. Corgi got immediately stuck in the snow and had to squirm free, poor chunker. 

I spent the majority of my day doing some work I brought home in anticipation of a snow emergency.
However, I will note that I did said work in my pajamas. In my bed. 
These guys helped...

Which quickly turned not helpful at all. 


Instant mayhem. Thanks for the help, guys. 

At lunch time, I went down and shoveled a third time, and put another chicken in the oven to roast. 

More work. 
Then, I made my inspiration board, per Fitnessista

Cute, no? :-)  (if you enlarge it, check out the girl on the left side. Holy. Body!) I have to note, I was looking through fashion and media mags for my pictures and could not find a "dream body" I wanted to use as inspiration.  But then I found an athletic clothing catalog, and BAM, that chick! amazing. I'm actually pretty pleased that my dream body wasn't inspired by a Glamour cover.

Soon enough it was time for another shoveling.  

I spot a victim.  (Note, Corgi at a safe distance)


Z retreated after my snow attack, and I went after him to apologize. 

But then he abandoned me in the frozen tundra.  
I had just laid down to die, when a corgi came to save me! 

Alas, her little stumper legs couldn't make it to me. But, looking at her cute face got me the strength to make it to safety ;-) 

Now, I am nice and warm inside, about to get my sweat on on Wayne the Spinbike. I hope you all stayed warm and dry today too!

6 refreshing comments:

Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

that snow looks so lovely! I want a snow day!

Melissa Whittaker said...

hahah, I loved this post.

Chai Latté said...

Thank you! :-) I had fun making it.. especially the puppy parts! ;-)

Mandy K said...

The image of your corgi getting stuck in the snow is hilarious!

Janetha said...

those pups. never fail to make me smile!!!

laura said...

lol, corgis in snow are my favorite. too cute!