Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 08

Day 08 : The time you were most happy with your life

I'd say right-freakin-now.  But... as sickeningly sweet and unjust as it sounds... nearly my whole life I've been happy to be where I am.  I have zero complaints about my childhood. My family is perfection to me. As a teenager, I was heavy and unhappy about that. But I had friends, good, close, awesome friends.  I was lucky that despite my weight, glasses, and demeanor... I never got picked on heavily.  After high school, I moved out into an apartment with my best friend Adam. We had very little money, but we had a blast. I loved living there with him. After he moved... I felt a bit abandoned. I had to move into a really crappy apartment, and I hated it there.  I was broke, further away from my family, I had just broken up with a boyfriend I'd had for a year...
then I met Joel, and well, we just went over this, didn't we? :-) I won't make you sit through the syrup again.   But... thinking back, that 2 years in there is the only time in my life that I look back on with a slight grimace.  Even in there, there were awesome times that I will never forget.

And that brings us back to now. 
I choose now as my happiest time because I have everything I need, and then some.  The love I have with Joel is beyond anything I could have imagined for myself. My house is adorable. My job is stable, my pups are adorable :-)  And I am FINALLY truly tackling my biggest foe : my weight.
Battling my weight now is different than before. I am 100% committed and driven.  As slow as it goes these days, I couldn't be trying any harder.. and just the trying is giving me something to be proud of.
I do like to think that in another year or two from now it will be the greatest time of my life, because I'll finally be at a healthy goal weight!  ;-)

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Melissa Whittaker said...

Hey now! During that not so awesome time, you got to kitty sit at my place a few times! :)

Do you remember when I texted you that I was playing craps, and you said "coincidence, I just crapped!"