Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 07

Day 07 : Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality

Let's see...  I am a Libra/Scorpio (on the cusp).

Here is the description of a Libra. The things that match me, I bolded :

You are charming, good looking, gentle and kind. You are a good judge of character and have many good friends. You do not like it when your decisions are challenged, and are impatient with people who criticize you. You hate people who are cruel to others. Libras enjoy the arts more than science, so a career in the arts would be a good choice. You will understand other people's views and sympathize with them. A negative Libraian (there aren't many) flirts and seems shallow. They also are impatient with a daily routine.

Wow, I guess I am a good chunk Libra then.   And here come Scorpio :

Scorpio is intense and powerful. Although you appear controlled and calm, you are emotional and energetic. Scorpios often have strong and penetrating eyes. They seem fun to be with socially, but some seem self-involved and withdrawn. You can recognize your special qualities and it requires self-control to prevent you from using them for bad reasons. In relationships, you can be passionate and overwhelming. You are also very sensitive and take almost every comment to heart. You discard friends when they start to bore you.

Ok, maybe not Scorpio as much.
I always wanted to be all Scorpio... like if I were writing myself as a character, I'd want to be that brooding, mysterious, sexy woman with the deep eyes of a predator!  It sounds so seductive!  But I am just not that. I am much more honest and timid, and just not angsty enough :-)

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