Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 16

Day 16 : Your views on mainstream music.

I love how it makes it sound like pop music is a belief system or something.
I love music. I L-O-V-E music, and all types. I love pop, rock, blues, rap, r&b, 'oldies', classic rock, musicals, dance..... you name it, I love it.  The only thing about "mainstream music" that I don't appreciate is the overkill.  If you put on a pop station, you're getting the 5 songs that are new and popular on repeat, for weeks.  Aside from that... bring it on!  I love Lady Gaga just as much as I love The Guess Who. I just love music, people!  :-)

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Melissa Whittaker said...

LOL. I love how we both discussed the overkill in our posts. I hadn't read yours before posting mine!