Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nada Mucho

Firstly... THANK YOU!  to Melissa & Brad for their donation to the Walk for Hunger. You'll be receiving a little something something from me shortly :-)
If anyone else wants to get in on this, here is the link again -  WALK FOR HUNGER 

Now, what else?

My weight is doing alright. I am bouncing between 208 and 210... which is awesome. I am really trying for 207.5... so maybe by the end of the week I'll see it! And then, Fatty and I are racing to 200lbs :-) First one there owes the other 20 iced coffees!  TWENTY!  Boo-yah... it's ON! (currently, he is paying out 10 iced coffees because I beat him to 210!) Word on the street, though, is that FATTY IS BACK.  I always like having a buddy on the wagon with me! (getting him to update is a whole 'nutha story!)

I haven't been doing very well in the running department lately. My knees have really been bothering me, and its getting quite frustrating. I just need to ride it out and do what I can when I can do it.

All else is fine... I'm mainly just walking around staring at my phone waiting for the BabyTime call from Melissa!  :-)

2 refreshing comments:

Fatty McFat-Fat said...

Day two and I'm not over calories yet. ;) lol

Melissa Whittaker said...

I'm waiting for that baby time call myself. ;) LOL.

Waiting is torture!