Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Yesterday, I renewed my bodybugg subscription for the first time! It was a free 6 months initially.
I looked over all my numbers, and I ran the report for average deficit per day since I have owned it.
Based on those numbers... in the past 6 months, I *should* have lost 81 pounds.
Insane, right?  I'd be at my goal weight right now... if only those numbers did what science says they should do!

Ah well.  Can't dwell on it!  Gonna keep on keepin' on!

Last night I had my first real workout in a week.  I'm still a bit sick, so it wasn't really fun, but definitely better than I anticipated.  Should be back to normal soon!

I am fairly certain my inconsistent posting has finally caused me to lose those wonderful few readers I had, even Fatty doesn't even check this thing anymore! 
But that's ok... it's my own fault!
But for anyone left (Hi Melissa!! ;-) )   I wanted to put an update that my Grammie is home from the hospital and doing good.  They gave her some fresh new blood and that helped. They found a few little things (like polyps and  gastritis) but nothing major or scary. So, whew!

6 refreshing comments:

Rebecca said...

ive recently toyed with the idea of re-subscribing but i dunno...

Britt-Anya said...

Hello! Just started following your blog after I saw Melissa mention it in her blog. So you have gained another follower.

Kathryn Crawford said...

Hey Chai, I'm still here too! :) I'm SO glad your grandma's ok. =) Keep on keeping on girly.


Beth @ Kitchen Minions said...

Yeah...I have the same problem with my bodybugg-it doesn't work with me either. I do use it as a goal setter and that helps. I hope your gma continues to get better!

Fat Chick on a Diet said...

You've got me as a reader, too. :) And if you want to feel better about your posting, compare yourself to me: I post once a week most weeks and rarely have anything to say during that 1 post.

Melissa Whittaker said...

I'm so glad Grammie is back home!