Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cutest Pooches, well... ever!

I am laying in bed now, freshly showered, with a Zevon gazing lovingly at me, and Corgi is snoring like a fat old man.
I am supposed to be watching Biggest Loser, but my cable just pooped itself so now I am enjoying some 'quiet time' in bed with you!

I had a good workout with Bob tonight, old lefty knee gave me some grief, but it got over itself and let me get through the workout. I'll be glad when this nonstop raining finally stops. I don't mind it so much, but my joints sure do!

Without any further adieu, I will not share with you some pictures from Fatty's Bday BBQ.

You can clearly see from these images what is important to us as a family...

cute animals, and FOOD.


Zevon's face pinches my heart valves.


Brother & sister


Big boy Sammy, waiting for his ball to be tossed.


Fatty & Corgi having a grand time with a frisbee.


Long dog is looooong.


Cutest? Hm, I think so!



Let me explain! I made this cake to be Fatty's dream cake!
one layer of homemade cheesecake.
one layer of almond espresso filling w/ crunchies of chocolate covered espresso beans
one layer of a flourless espresso dark chocolate cake (like FUDGE)
one layer of espresso laced whipped cream
topped with crunchies & whole choco-covered espresso beans.

Yes. He loved it.

And the last picture I have for you is just an example of a typical breakfast on my new low-fructose diet.


1/2 cup oats
sliced banana
1/8 cup crushed pecans


Banana is a fruit that can be eaten sparingly on a low-fructose diet, because although it has fructose in it, it is balanced out with an equal part of glucose to help break it down.
Interesting, no? No, I know it's really not :-)

2 refreshing comments:

Mandy K said...

Birthday dream cake? LOVE IT!

Melissa Whittaker said...

That cake looks yummy, and so does your breakfast!!! I LOVE bananas!