Friday, May 20, 2011

Takin' it to the streets!

Another good workout with Bob last night.  Balancing the Insanity and the training I can tell is going to be a bit rough (on the knees, in particular)  but the plan going forward is :

Sunday : Insanity
Monday : Insanity
Tuesday : Training
Wednesday : Insanity
Thursday : Training
Friday : Rest Day
Saturday : Insanity

Of course, I will swap rest days as needed per my schedule, but that's the gist of it!

Tonight will definitely be a rest day, but I'll still be moving!  Mom and I are going to see Taylor Hicks tonight, he's playing a tavern just two towns over! You can laugh at me all you want, but I love him :-)

Silver Fox!

Tomorrow I go to another concert!  My Auntie sings in a wonderful group, and they are having a Spring concert tomorrow night. Can't wait! 

I am currently running on about an hour of sleep. Rough night last night! I won't film a dramatic reenactment or anything, but it included dog puke, the closest loudest lightning/thunder ever in my life, and a fire alarm!
But do not weep for me.. I've got a very large cup of espresso in my hand. :-) 

Weight-wise,  sticking to 213 again today, blech!!

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